Understanding life from a higher perspective.

We often live our lives without even thinking or understanding what all things are happening to us and around us. Its basic human nature to do and accept things and time as it is. But for once, if you try to concentrate on yourself you will realize your own existence, your own presence in this universe. And believe me, your presence does matters to the universe. What you are now what you will become at the very next moment it all affects the universe in a very subtle way. Universe has a way of its own to align things so as to maintain the overall balance in this so called reality which we are told and taught about.

Its interesting how each and every dot up in the sky connects with one another, and, at the same time its funny that we have no clue about what all things are taking place at this particular moment. One thing most people don’t realize is that this connection forms the very basic connection of our own selves. Everything is connected to something or the other. Since from the moment of our birth till this date whatever has happened it was all a part of that connection between the infinite universe and the other side of yours which is also known as your higher self. Each and every moment that you experienced was all chosen by your higher self for you. You were ment to experience all those moments. Some people may be aware of all these things a little bit, some may not even have a slightest clue of whats going on here and there will be those who have already learned and experienced all these things in their lives and and are living with an awakened state of mind. Well, to be frank enough its not that easy to achieve that kind of awakened state of mind just by understanding and experiencing some of the things. It requires a lot of practise, patience and some help from the universe itself too.

Now that we’ve got an idea about how things actually work, lets try to stop for a moment and analyse ourselves. Think of your higherself as some bird flying over your head and constantly looking at your life. Imagine what will be the perspective of that bird about your life. Obviously the bird will not look at your life the way you look at it. It is looking from a higher point of view than that your conscious mind could possibly look at.

To better understand how this works consider an example of your life itself. Imagine yourself stucked in some serious trouble from where you don’t see a way out. What will your conscious mind do at that particular moment? Got any idea what it will do? You may have, maybe not. But that bird flying over your head knows everything. The reason why this bird knows whats happening in your life and you don’t have a clue why its all happening is because, your point of view to that problem is stucked somewhere. Why don’t you try something different? Why don’t you try to look at your life from a different perspective. Afterall thats what the bird, your higher self does. It analyses every possible way and finds out the best way to look at it. It already knows the answer for all of your troubles and problems and basically everything about your life.

The point here is to understand the difference between your conscious state of mind and your higher state of mind. This higher state can be refered to your subconscious mind. Your sub conscious mind is always active whether you realise it or not. All the small things that happend to you, its all recorded as your past experiences in your subconscious mind. It uses these past experiences to make you aware of similar situations and all other experiences that are yet to come. Each and every moment we learn something and it gets stored by our subconscious mind. All these learnings comes handy when we consciously recieve these as messages from our subconscious mind. This is the time when we begin to look at everything from different perspectives and stop complaining about the way life is.

There is a connection between both your conscious and subconscious state of mind. Basically whatever you percieve with your conscious mind will be attracted by the higher state of mind. Remember one thing, the subconscious mind never takes anything lightly. It all depends what you consciously generate. If you are developing positive and happy vibes and you are having fun and enjoying every small things and moments of your life without complaining much about anything, you will experience the same in the next moment too and you will be able to live like that for as long as your thought process alters. On the other hand if you are having negative thoughts about anything, such as a feeling of fear, frustration with everything or an untolerable emotional break down, you are subconsciously attracting these negative things in your life. Its a fact that whatever you subconsciously attract you will get. This is the Law of Attraction. It is also known as the secret of the universe. Many people have already understood its power and they are using it constatntly for improving their life. Its one of the powerful tools to get control of your life.

I’d suggest to all those readers who are interested in learning how things work with your higher self to understand and experience this Law of Attraction first. It is the stepping stone to reach your awakened state of mind. Till the time you reach that state you have to constantly connect to the universe and make your subconscious mind attract all those things you would like to have at the next moment.

How to do it?

  • Its quiet simple. Just change the way you look at your life.
  • Change your perspective about yourself.
  • Think differently.
  • You have your own individuality and uniqueness. So why do you want to live amongst the crowd without knowing what is going on and what to do.

Analyze yourself😃

Be the greatest version of yourself.

    Can you make that happen?

    Think about it!!!


    Never known

    Lost in between somewhere

    Somewhere far afar I was.

    To nothingness and infinity

    a never ending search it was.

    The search to find thy self

    A dream, full of vividity it seems.

    And so,

    There I was.

    The lost soul,

    The solivagant fassad

    Wandering alone

    Waking life;

    A solivagant must get lost,

    they say.


    It seems the only way.

    But, at times

    Fate acts upon.

    And, the only way

    Now seems to be





    Another dramatic illusion

    filled with never ending questions;

    Just wandering and wondering

    how souls bind and strive

    Along I went walking.

    As the thought passed,

    Eyes got stucked.

    The once forgotten state

    Of existence, Of another life,

    Now flashes like moarse.

    And you call it fate


    it felt like

    An unearthly state.

    What is this feeling?

    One sight,

    and the world within

    was known.

    The world,

    Inceptional on its own.

    And so does

    the lost soul,


    the vagueness of

    a valiant soul;


    Just one moment,

    And it’s all that’s needed.

    Two souls,

    Two entirely different worlds

    intrigued in the realm collide.

    A moment of knowing…..

    Not clear though,

    but still

    You feel it.

    You know it.

    To you,

    dearest valiant soul,

    Many will see

    what you’re made of

    Many will know

    the femine you’ve become


    Very few will search

    for your self.


    Those are there ones

    You should know.


    still if you don’t

    I don’t blame you though.

    Years passes by

    Time flies along too.

    Impermanancy strikes

    and you are left with

    nothing to do.

    An entire world within

    may stop spinnin’


    at the end,

    When you realise,

    together you could’ve grown,

    Do not regret,

    for the lost soul

    was never known….

















    Bring in










    My friend,






    One step






    One Step






    One step….



    Everyone’s looking!

    150 years is definitely a long period. May b all the people alive today won’t make it till the next 150 years. Well, today it was some scene up above. A cosmic phenomena, I’d like to state it. But, it was far more that that for many. The whole world probably got excited to see the alignment of three celestial bodies today -the Sun, our own Earth and the Moon.

    I find it kind off funny how people’s perspective changes all of a sudden when something incredible happens up above. Well, yeah, we don’t get to see too many marvels happening up in the sky coz of being human. Though, there’s always something magnificent happening there all the time the naked eyes are not that lucky to see all of ’em let alone be some. I’m sure today was one such magnificent day to the earthlings to see some spectacular visual up in the sky of a ‘bloody red super blue moon’, as stated by those superior knowledgeable earthlings.

    Well on the other hand, I was just wandering alone with my thoughts regarding this whole cosmic delusion. And in search of something ethereal about the hype that the moon got today, I found out an exceptional blog post by a fellow blogger which entirely agreed to everything I wanted to say. Honestly, I was stunned after reading it and I wondered how the hell is it possible for two people to have the exact same way of processing the solivagant thoughts. It was almost like as if he connected to my mind and gave the right directions to my thoughts within his mind. And I’m glad that the words just went with the flow impeccably. But since, it’s all been penned down in the below given post, I’ll keep it short and let you enjoy the post written by my fellow friend. I bet you are gonna love it and more than that, you’ll be having as much fun reading it as I did.

    So, don’t have any second thoughts. Just jump into it.✌ via The Big Bad Moon

    Don’t you know me?

    Daydream delusion
    Limousine Eyelash
    Oh, baby with your pretty face
    Drop a tear in my wineglass
    Look at those big eyes
    See what you mean to me
    Sweet cakes and milkshakes
    I am a delusion angel
    I am a fantasy parade
    I want you to know what I think
    Don’t want you to guess anymore
    You have no idea where I came from
    We have no idea where we’re going
    Lodged in life
    Like two branches in a river
    Flowing downstream
    Caught in the current
    I’ll carry you. You’ll carry me
    That’s how it could be
    Don’t you know me?
    Don’t you know me by now?

    – Before sunrise(1995)

    Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy made my day today. An absolute impeccable performance by both made me fall in love with it all over again. I can’t seem to get get enough out of it. And, i’d like to see if you can dive into the depth of this poem to understand the ecstatic fervid fickle that i did.

    Still seized somewhere in between the downstream current, taking me somewhere i belong…

    A moment of introspection.

    People usually are experts in jumping into conclusions. It’s so easy to jump into something rather than understanding the depth and climbing down in it. When it comes to people’s perspectives, it’s all the conclusions that matters, that decides the next course of actions. And when it comes to life, it eventually ends being concluded somewhat in this manner. ‘Life is complicated. It was never meant to be simple and easy going. Filled with pain, sadness, all the hardships and sufferings. Along with a little bit of satisfaction of living, life just goes on like that.’

    Is it really necessary to conclude everything into a single statement? I mean, how can you just conclude life, as if its some materialistic outcome. Of course it’s never the same all the time though, but eventually, you are lead to a moment that you are supposed to experience, that you need to go through to grow through life. Now you may not want to be at that particular moment, you may not want to feel all the things going on around you, you even may not want that moment to happen to you, but you are there and it is happening whether you like it or not. Now there may arise a question, why am I supposed to experience something that I am not willing to? I didn’t ask for this. Well, to answer that, you might not have intentionally asked for it, but you are here today in this particular moment because of all the choices you have made or were made for you till this very last moment. You are here as a consequence of all those choices. There is no escape from it.

    Its like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now you may get the 8-pack or you may get the 16-pack, it doesn’t really matter what you get. All that really matters is what you do with that crayons, the colors that you are given. Don’t worry about coloring within the lines or coloring outside. I say color outside the lines. Color all over the page. Don’t box yourself in! Don’t limit your perspectives. Expand your consciousness. You are in motion to the ocean. You are limited only by your own thoughts and you will stay limited as long as you think you are. So be free my friend. Be free from all the things that’s hindering you from becoming the person you can be.

    There comes a time when you start to think, is this really that is supposed to be happening right now in my life? If so, why? What good will it bring me apart from all the endless pain and sufferings in this moment which doesn’t seem to pass by. Time seems to just go on and on and on. And nothing changes. I’m still here. So where is all this leading to. Where is life taking you? Are you going anywhere? I’m sure you might have had at some point in your life thought about where exactly are you going with it. You are just repeating what you did yesterday, and day before yesterday, and before that and it’s been going on like that ever since you can remember. Are you really living my friend? Or, are you just being present in a dramatic world where you have no control over what happens next?

    Well, it’s something you need to figure out for yourself. No-one else can do that for you. It’s your life and it’s yours to create. It might be true that there are seven billion people in the world and counting, but nevertheless, what you do makes a difference. It makes a difference, first of all, in material terms, it makes a difference to other people, and it sets an example. You are a part of something bigger, something greater than yourself that you may find difficult to understand. We should never simply write ourselves off as a victim of various forces. It’s always our decision who we are. Each day, it’s you who decides what you want to manifest tomorrow.

    When you begin to introspect -examine your Own thoughts and feelings, the space where you live in, the time where you exist, the life which is yours, you become aware. It’s a different sense of being present in the realm of existence. You realise everything as if a thousand years is but an instant. There’s nothing new, nothing different; same pattern over and over. The same clouds, same music, the same things you felt an hour an eternity ago. You realise there’s nothing here for you now, nothing at all.

    Now I remember, this happened to me before. This is why I left. I stopped being myself. It was me hindering myself and holding back from being alive. So, if you feel you are the one stopping yourself from becoming yourself, you have begun to find your answers. Although it will seem difficult, the rewards will be great. Exercise your mind as fully as possible knowing that it is only an exercise. Explore the secrets of the physical universe, savor the insights from all the senses, filled with joy, sorrow and laughter, empathy and compassion, and carry the emotional memory in your travel bag and just walk along.

    Remember where you came from, and how you became who you are, why you hung around all this while, and when it’s time, you’ll find your way out, escaping velocity. Not just eternity, but Infinity.