Play or ploy

Many roles played, still playing With each, moulding and portraying.. The act, mere need of the hour The attachment, a great ploy Expectation, the obvious consequence… . A struggle within To portray these roles, These characters, identities, and personas.. The creation and cessation of which Neither the past, nor future Yet, they rule. And trap.. […]

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November Skies

November Skies it is…Days closing in tooCounting, countingLeft only a few. Its coming, the day…When you blessed,Gaia herself. Just the beingA blessing itselfLaughed,Lived, and LovedAll in grace. Spreading light,Sharing joy,Walking Free. The Falling petal,swaying away.One last dance,What a play! Not knowingThe limitednessOf The LimitlessTime slipped, I see. November skies it is…

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Real Illusion

What is what? Is it something we are looking for? Or is it something we are trying to understand? When is what? Where is when? Why is where? No reason. It just is.

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Never to be found!

* Time stood still In the midst of a morning chill With a lingering pain In the deepest corners of heart Seeking to fill this void And hurting in the absence A solace was found A solace, In the depths of that sound Of memory, of that voice A sound, Now lost. Never to be […]

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