Real Illusion

What is what? Is it something we are looking for? Or is it something we are trying to understand? When is what? Where is when? Why is where? No reason. It just is.

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Never to be found!

* Time stood still In the midst of a morning chill With a lingering pain In the deepest corners of heart Seeking to fill this void And hurting in the absence A solace was found A solace, In the depths of that sound Of memory, of that voice A sound, Now lost. Never to be […]

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A strange drift. Overwhelming all that I knew, all that I always was, all that I ever wanted to be, all that meant something to me Not at all unpleasant but a sense of Sweetness, of being soaked in sugar syrup A drowning and death of one and conception and birth of another A familiar […]

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Never Missed.

Life and Death Existing as one With each incoming breath And the leaving phew, Sparing none Time; never the same Existence, a mere cosmic play Over it is now, like a game You swayed and went, all the way Everytime it rains The drops show me of you And when the sun shines The rays […]

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