Be different, Be the true you.

Have you ever thought about all the different possible ways you could have lived your life? Take a break and give it a thought.


Now if you have seriously given it a thought, I would like you to imagine yourself to have the power that manifests everything that happens. Imagine it. Now you can have a fair idea about how many possibilities may come if that’s the case. But of course, it depends upon your level of imagination. How much can you possibly think given a situation like that? Is it possible for you to imagine everything at once? Not possible right? Now, some of you may think that you have been given the super power. You can do anything you want to. But that’s not the way how it works. The power that has been given to you is to manifest whatever things you are imagining. Not to imagine itself.

I guess you’ve got a fair idea by now. You may think, can I imagine everything at once? The answer is NO. You simply cannot. And in case if you managed to develop that capability to do so, it would mean that you have transformed your body, your soul into some sort of higher energy that this human race is not aware of, atleast till this very day.

Speaking about the human race, each and every human being has his own individuality, his own perspective about the very own universe and most importantly his own level of imagination. You, me or be it anyone else, we all have different level of imaginations that we cannot compare. Every thought, every possible way of forming images and ideas from these thoughts is different in all of us.Β 

I like to define ‘imagination’ in my own way. ‘Imagination, for me is basically a formation of an idea or an image form of a dominant thought that ran by your mind among all those other collective thoughts you had at that particular moment.’ I hope you might be aware that there comes a numerous thoughts into your mind just in a second. And the dominant one amongst them gets higlighted and becomes an idea or a decision. All these things happen within a fraction of a second and you don’t even realise what all things has taken place inside your mind. Strange no. So many things are happening to you and you don’t even have a clue.


Now getting back to our topic, i’ve been talking a lot about imagination and all those kind of things. You may wonder where am i getting to with all these things. Ill get to my point.

Everybody has their own way to look at things. That itself makes us all different from each other. We are all different and we are all truly unique. We have been created that way. Now my question is why does everybody has to live like all the others, think like ’em, act like ’em, follow the rules and all the other common shit that everyone does. Whats the point? Where are you going with it? Nowhere. You are just simply following the crowd. I suggest you take some time out and concentrate on your own presence, your existence in this universe and then you will be able to realise that you have finally isolated yourself from the crowd. Feel your presence. That will make you do things differently and that too as per your will instead of simply following what everyone has been doing and will continue to do. You don’t want to live like that following the crowd for the rest of your life. Ask yourself. Do you?


One day when i was talking about all these things to a friend of mine, he asked me a question, “lets say you have finally got yourself out of that state of entangled mindset. You have decided to be the change. Now what?” This was a big question for me too. Now what? But i knew exactly what he meant. Then he said, “Amal, no matter how hard a crab might try to get out of the bucket, all the other crabs will do everything to pull him back into it.” That’s the way how people around us, our doomed society acts when one tries to think differently, approaches in a different manner and sees the world from a different point of view. But no. People can’t accept that point of view. They just don’t want to and neither they want to allow anyone to do so.


I’m sure you all have at some point in your life experienced this. You wanted to do something different but everyone opposed you from doing it. It doesn’t matter how small that thing was. What matters is you didn’t do it, ‘coz you were not allowed to. Whats the point in having a free will then?

Now my question to all of you is how you want to live the rest of your lives? Whether you want to live as you lived all these days without having a free will or you want to discover the true you? Decide for yourself. And if you decide to change everything happening to you, to change the way you will live from the next moment onwards, i have only one thing to say to you. Don’t be afraid of the change. Let it take place. But in no case you should get back to your old life following the crowd and most importantly not being true to yourself. Don’t fear anything. Remember, fear is not real. The only place fear can exist is in our thoughts. Its a product of your very own imagination itself. Do whatever you have to, whatever it takes to be free. Make things happen. You may have to go through a lot and it may seem as a difficult task but remember, every pain is worth the change you can bring in yourself and being the true you. People may oppose you, resist you but don’t bother about anything. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be yourself. When you yourself meet the true you, you will be proud that you made the decision to make a change- to be different from others.

I’m not sure if any of you are aware of it or not. The most powerful word in the english dictionary is YOU. It is YOU that matters. Everybody has got the potential to bring in the change but only those who choose to see, think, act and do things differently rather than following someone can actually make it happen. Ofcourse you may not achieve it as soon as you bring in the change. Just like everything else this will also take time. But everything will allign itself eventually and it will all start making sense to you too. So, take the first leap. The very first step is to dream, to imagine all those things that you want. And be a dreamer who is also a doer. You just have to begin. Rest all will allign itself as per your will.


There is a really beautiful line in the song ‘imagine’ by John Lenon that touched me and i think it really suits this.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.” -John Lenon.

Be different, Be the real you…..


6 thoughts on “Be different, Be the true you.

  1. Amal….. I can’t find words literally… I want reply in a moment where I sorted all this information.
    It deserves a detailed feedback.
    And I am not able to read the next post, ad U gave sooo much to re-think. 😘❀️ (tears in my eyes)

    Liked by 1 person

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