How people meet.

An interesting topic indeed. Well, it’s actually quiet simple but the thing is too deep to even understand its roots. So i suggest you to sit back, relax and think about all the things I’m gonna say and try to understand it from a higher perspective. Take some time to feel it and when you do, you will definitely change the way you look at everyone. I assure you that.

Now, the question i wanna ask you is what do you think, how do you meet all the people in your life? All the people you have met till today, each and everyone who has influenced your life in some way or the other, how? Some like to call it as fate. Some may say its just a mere coincidence. You can decide it for yourself what you wanna call it. But for me, its neither fate nor coincidence. It just makes it easier to understand this concept by defining it as fate or coincidence. But for those who don’t want to accept the normal way of thinking of a person, or rather i should say the way how we have been taught about life as we know it, its really difficult to accept the things the way it seems. These few of you, you have a mind that can be understood only by like minded people. Well, i guess this intro is enough to get the attention of those few people and i’m sure you’ll know if i’m talking to you.wp-1492073269004.jpg

Lemme ask you one question. How many of you believe in re-incarnation? Of course its your point of view how you look at it but for those who believe in re-incarnation, i’m also a believer of it. So whatever i’m gonna say it will make sense to you guys and for those who are not sure about it, take your time.

Each life is a stand-alone chapter in our series of re-incarnations. And we usually live many lives on Earth and often in very different circumstances. So each life can also be seen as a different expression of ourselves. Each life is an opportunity to grow our consciousness, develop spiritually and be the greatest version of ourselves. In each life we may want to learn and develop different things. We may want to experience different parts of the whole and so understand the whole better. Many things happen to you for a reason. And most importantly these things have been chosen by your-self. You may ask how is that possible? I’ll tell you. Before you are born, there is a big planning session in which all the things you are supposed to do in this life is being decided by your higher self, by the universe and by the spirit residing in you.Not only your higher self, but many other higher selves participated in this big planning session. 


So what all things were chosen for you? You may ask. All of your experiences, be it good or bad, happy or sad, the people you shared your feelings with, the important learnings from your past life and so on. I’ll answer. But thats not all. We had chosen some of those important people and major things over which we then had no control in life. Otherwise, if all these were coincidences, it kind of would be less  fair. But I know that many people would have never chosen certain people in their life and so things may often still  feel  pretty unfair. When it comes to choosing people, it is important to realise that it is a mutual  choice. The people that we chose to be in our life chose us to be in their life too. This is because we both offer each other just the things that we are looking for this time round. Its a possible thought to occur in your mind that how can you possibly choose all of the people you meet in your lifetime. Yes it is possible. Because you are not the only ones choosing them. They are also choosing you. Its not like you choose all the people you see consciously or subconsciously. You may come around a number of people in your lifetime but they all are just wanderers living their life in their reality. You will meet them in some other life and they will play an important role over there.

The people you chose for yourself are the important people in your life like your parents, siblings, relatives, close friends, the love of your life, you future kids and so on. Every thing is connected to one thing or the other. 

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To explain this in a better way, I’d like you to consider your own life. Remember the very first moment of yours in which you actually saw someone. I know its difficult to remember the very first person you saw when you were born. It may be the doctor, the nurse or anyone. But remember, that person too had an important role in your life as if it was not for them you wouldn’t have been reading this. It was already decided that you will see this particular person for the very first time you see someone in this life. Ofcourse it had its own reasons for that as mentioned earlier. Now you see your parents who have already chosen you to be their child and you meet them for the very first time. The connection, the bond that develops at that very moment becomes the key to your whole life. Remember all the early childhood memories you can and see how things were back then. Then as you grow, you start to meet new people. People who will influence your potential future, people who will matter to you. Not only to you but its the same way for them too. Coz they have also decided you to be there in their lives. Let it be your siblings, your friends, your teachers or any other important person you feel that had influenced your life in some way or the other. Its all chosen for you by you and by them. If you want to prove this to yourself I suggest you pick one of your loved ones whom you have met at some point in your life. Ask them how their life was before meeting you and how things changed after meeting you. Then ask the same question to yourself. You will get all the answers you are looking for. You will understand that you both were meant to meet in this life so as to learn and experience things that you had to.

Now you may say that if that’s the case why did some people whom you don’t like or because of whom you have got hurt, came to your life. Why all the misfortunes and all the negativity? Why would someone choose pain and sufferings from other people knowingly? The thing is, each and every person coming in your life has some role to play. Some lesson to teach. Something to make you understand about your life. Something that will shape you for your next moment. Things don’t happen by chance. Everything happens for a reason. Now it depends on us how we want to take it.


People will come and go in your life, but what stays are the experiences and the lessons they taught you. The YOU that you have decided to become because of the people you have known. So from now onwards, when you meet someone and suddenly if you feel some sort of connection towards them, understand that they have also chosen you to be a part of their life. You both have something to learn from each other. Thats exactly how you meet people. And thats the reason why you meet people.











I hope it makes atleast some change in your perspective regarding how you meet people and for what reasons.

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9 thoughts on “How people meet.

  1. It takes time and concentration to read it completely
    But if u can read it completely it’ll really change ur point of view abt this topic..
    Nice work
    But it’s too long…

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  2. “walk along the shades so dark,
    The depressed uncertain path.
    Some day, the born comes by u, the spark,
    Guides and points in the distance, given all he’d hath.”
    -self composed(Nikhil)
    How we meet people…. Indeed it has so many points that can has visions regarding the content but one of ur drawback is that you really lack that essence which adds up thrill and greed for reading… You write with the flow that you are in and wander around ur imagination, but as a reader i would suggest to cut those parts and make the readers think more about it. Let the readers think and imagine the content and fall for it and to accomplish that part of skill u have to cut off the explanation parts….. Remove the lags and ur imagination is too cool and u have gone too far into it… Congrats to have such a vision bro, keep it high and we will be counting for more of ur works….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful……….
    will definitely meet people now with a broad perspective…..
    People will come and go in your life, but what stays are the experiences and the lessons they taught you…….. very touching line…..

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