Waking Life!!!

Many people asked me about my tattoos and their meanings and the reason why i did them. I’ve explained it to a few those who could understand. Some people already understood and came to me by seeing it. I used to wonder how sometimes people could guess the exact same vibe you are having. Well, to be frank, sometimes people had even called me a psychic person for doing studpid things and talkin shit about (shit as per them). For those few, welcome back. I’m talking again about it.

I’d like to share why i did my tattoo. Why i did Waking Life on my wrist. Some people might find it boring, so they can back off. Some will connect to that vibe i was talking about. For those few, its a pleasure to know you. Do share your views with me.

Can you imagine how great is that feeling when a child first learns to understand something. How everything new happening around his world starts to appear all familiar. How his soul feels when it achieves something new. Its a great feeling! Now imagine if you could get that one feeling, that one vibe all over again.

We all have once experienced it, but forgotten. As we grow, we start to learn things.New things and more new things and it goes on. Life itself is a lesson at each and every moment. And even at this period at this moment of your life you are learning something. But, when you experience that feeling again it will be a hundred times powerful that that. Sounds awsome right. Yeah. It was when i experienced it again. Whats all those things that made me who i am today? It was a collection of thoughts that suddenly rushed into my mind and at a really high speed. And i understood each and every one of them and how everything works in this world of mine where you all are just wanderers.

When all of a sudden i started to understand all these sort of things that people around me are not aware of, or rather less aware of, it was like i had some sort of connection with something much bigger and greater than everything around us. Like someone or something has just introduced me to some other dimension. Some other level of imagination that a normal person can ever have. It made me realise that i am different. I’m not supposed to follow the crowd and do what everyones been doin ever since. I have some sort of higher energy within me that can do anything it wants to. That can take me wherever i want to go. That can make me whatever i want to be. So why shouldn’t i be me? Why shouldn’t I live my life?

Once a person asked me, ‘you are doing nothing. When are you going to do everything in life’. I just smiled and asked him ‘what is everything and nothing? Find me the answer, then suggest me’. When you know nothing about the concept of everything and nothingness how can you just talk about it. Well, that was just one amongst such experiences.

That time… Huhhh! It actually made me realise what time is. How time works. How moments are created and a lot of things about it. Why stop at time only. Space was also no different. It was like all of a sudden i’m getting to know how a quantum physician’s mind works. How he is able to understand everything with such ease. All the things around us, everything that you can imagine of are all connected to each other. If you dont believe me, think about any particular thing and think where it came from? Think about it. You can even consider your own life and go backwards. Find the ultimate answer you get when you have finally got too deep in it. If you understand it you will be glad You did. And I hope you do.

Well, talking about my tattoo. Why i did it? That was the question. Why Waking Life? What it actually is? What do i mean by it?

The answer, you have already known it. As i said earlier, you all have a higher inner energy in you that can connect to things you have no idea about. All the possibilities you can think of. No limit at all. For all this to happen you have to experience the true energy of the spirit you have inside you. You do that, you are on the the way to awaken your life. You will start to live your life and that too understanding it in a better way. Whatelse do you want?

I am waking my life. Thats all i want to state. People with same mind and vibe are meant to be connected. My tattoos are just an effort from my side. People are meant to meet. They always do…..


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