God. What is it?

What is God to you? And why do we need God? That’s a couple of questions I’d like to ask you first off. Well I’m sure all of you will definitely have your own opinion regarding it or at least the concept of God. Some might say that god is the Supreme most power known to human beings in this world. Something that can explain everything that came out of nothing.
Of course, everyone will have their own point of view and their own beliefs. We all have at some point believed or have had faith in god. So the ultimate conclusion that we have is we all believe in god in some way or the other and we think that god has all the answers for everything. Right? But, I would like to ask if that’s true. Is God really the ultimate creator of this universe? Is god the sole reason for everything happening around us or is there something else to be known.

Now, since you have given it a thought, let’s get a bit more deep into it. We are all well aware that miracles and Science they both can never go hand by hand at the same time. If a person believes in God he definitely believes in miracles and if he believes in Science he cannot believe in God because science cannot explain God but miracles can. So which one is it? Is God a miracle or a form of unknown science. Feel free to have an opinion regarding this question right now because at the end I would like to see whether you change your opinion or if you have any other thoughts regarding this same question or not.
We are all well aware of The Big Bang Theory. How the universe began, how time began and how everything started, all these questions have been answered by the Big Bang Theory . It says that everything, including space and time was created by a huge explosion out of nowhere. Well, it is not a practical proof but it is a theory as the name suggests. And it is the best possible theory that explains the answers regarding everything and nothing by far. God didn’t create the explosion. And even if we suppose it did, where was God at the time of the explosion. Well, how the explosion of space and time happened, nobody knows. Then how can we say that god is the ultimate creator of this universe. There is no practical proof of it either.

I got a question for you. Did God create us or did we created God? Give it a thought. The reason I asked this question is, there will be no god if there is no religion. And who created religions? Well I guess you know the answer. Have you seen any other life form worshipping god. No. Only humans do. Humans created religions and religion created God to protect it from every other things and that’s how this relationship between humans and Gods came into existence, i suppose.

Our universe is 13.8 billion years old and for all we know, our own planet earth is about 4.5 billion years old. When earth formed it was filled with hot clouds of gases and it took some time of its own to cool itself down and to form the very first life form on the Earth. If we are to measure the birth of the universe in a cosmic year scale till date and every month of an year represents billions of years, we can somewhat understand how everything began. All the things that we know as the history, the past of the human race, everything that we are aware of, it all probably took place at the last minutes of the last hour of this cosmic scale. That was the time when Jesus was born, when Buddha was born, when Mohammed was born and all the other Gods from different religions came into existence. So it took about almost 9 billion years for this to happen. And yet people say god is the ultimate creator who created everything including space and time and energy and everything else.

What happened before Big Bang is still an unknown mystery but what happened after it, that we are now aware of. So it won’t be fair to keep on believing that god is the ultimate creator. Universe has a way of its own in making things work. Everything happens as accordingly. The planets including our earth revolve around the sun in the solar system of our galaxy. And there are billions of other Galaxies present in this whole wide cosmos. So it might be possible that other Galaxies might have their own Gods too. In our case, whether god is there or not, that is a question you have to answer by yourself. You have to understand what your beliefs are and how it works.

It’s good to have faith and belief in something that is bigger and far greater than all of us. And that is where God comes into play. Well for me, my faith lies in the universe. Each and every thing in this universe posseses energy. Energy can exist in different forms and all of them act differently. God is an energy too. Let me try to make you understand how God answers to your prayers. When you pray, you are constantly sending out energy in the form of thoughts in the universe. The more the energy a particular thought posseses the higher the chances of those thoughts to manifest. It’s really interesting to know how everything in this universe works. You are a part of this universe and your presence does make the difference. So basically what you’re doing is you are helping Yourself by manifesting the reality you want to create. That’s why people say that God resides in each and every one of us. God is nothing but a medium of energy that we choose to connect us to the universe. Everything happens for a reason and every reason has a purpose. So if something’s not working out for you the way you want it to, don’t blame God for it. Just give yourself some time. Whatever is happening it is just to make you learn something or the other. And remember, you have chosen it for yourself even before you were born. So if you want your prayers to be answered or your thoughts to be manifested the way you want to, have a positive belief about everything happening to you. See everything from a higher perspective. Keep on sending good positive high frequency vibes into the universe and let universe do the rest and manifest them accordingly. The universe will respond. It always does.

Manifest the Energy you want to attract. And the attracted Energy will manifest all that you desire.


27 thoughts on “God. What is it?

  1. Yes ,You are right.God is energy and eternal source and it is within us .All Universe is within us ,holy places,temples . Interesting post.What you think ,God exist or not and Where we can found him?

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    1. I like believe in a higher energy rather than that of GOD. GOD is a concept made by our ancestors to keep everything intact. Otherwise there will be cjaos everywhere. So i believe there are higher energies in our universe which are totally responsible for all the thing we experience.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


  2. Not true… :(.. sorry but although the birth of gods idea is a great premise for the point your article makes …it is historically incorrect…We the Jews worshipped Yah long before this.. He revealed Himself to us long before the Promised Messiah came…in BC era… just sayinπŸ˜‰… blessings… Kae πŸ™‚

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    1. I appreciate yua efforts for trying to change my perspective. But, sorry to ask you,
      Did yah reveal himself to you. We have all been taught that way. And a human mind will of course accept the strong believes that people around him has.

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