Time flies!

She brought me here in this world

after a long struggle and agonizing pain,

Opened my eyes to the world

but it felt like i’m shackled with chain.

Tried to move around,

shaked my arms and legs,

But no one would put me on ground

so as to keep me safe and sound.

Years started passing by

life started moving along.

People mattered,  things mattered

but still couldn’t find an answer for why.

Always wandering in some other world

thinking about the purpose of this life

Asking the same question over, why? 

why do I have to live this life?

Then again, life happened.

people who mattered were not around.

Things started to feel different

making me realise that life is not consistent.

Decades passed by now.

after all the lessons, all the teachings

Life still remains a mystery thou. 

Everything changed,  accept for one!

something that can’t be compared to none. 

Repeating itself every day,

never altered,  never changed, 

it seems to be perfectly arranged.

Time just happen to stay.

Now when I think of everything

it seems like it happened yesterday.

Like everything was just flying,

flying somewhere, to be realised someday. 

All I do now is just look up above

See the stars in the wide skies

And i wonder how time flies….


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