The writer-reader bond

The name sounds cool right. It is. And the things we can understand from this are much cooler.  I’d like to dedicate this one to all the readers and my fellow bloggers. 

    Who is a writer? Who is a reader? 

 A writer is a thinker. Someone who has to think about soo many thoughts that pass by his/her mind. Trust me guys, It’s not really easy to choose one thought from those many to write. You might agree with me if you are a writer too. This one thought has to be most perfect to be conveyed so that the person who reads it gets the exact same idea what the writer is trying to convey. And when that one thought merges with the thinking process of a reader, he starts imagining about the writer’s ideas. And a good idea never takes time to influence someone.  Am I getting too deep? I’ve not even started going deep. 

Those who have read my previous posts might have the idea of how to be in the present moment. Well I’ll remind you. Often times we become so busy in doing things we don’t realise that we are not at all living the moment. How can we be living if we are not at all being there. So, how to be there is the question. 

Every time you realise that you are getting stucked somewhere, become aware of it. Just observe your brain. Step outside yourself and just observe the crazy shit you’re thinking about. Don’t judge. Don’t think you’re stupid. If you do that, you’re thinking again. You just have to ask yourself what are you doing? As simple as that. You ask this question and your mind will automatically tell you about the exact things you are doing in that moment. And you can be there. So what are you doing now? Yeah right, you looking at these letters, you are reading these words which make up to a sentence which you happen to understand. And now that you understand these things, you realise that a reader is actually thinking about something he never thought. Why?  Because the writer made him think about ’em. 

Now why would I want to speak about this writer-reader bond. What’s in it.  Well, think about what you were doing before reading this. All the stuffs you had to do till you came here to read this. And now you as are reading it you are living this moment. Now weather you being here knowingly or unknowingly that depends on you. Do you feel that you are being present in this moment. Great. Now you understand what this bond is. And what does this bond do?  It makes two people share their point of views,  perspectives and their imaginations too.  Isn’t that a great thing. It’s amazing how people share their thoughts and develop that bond that friendship that writer-reader connection. 

Think if you,yourself as a reader gets connected to a writer in some strange ways that you get to understand a writers perspective and his thinking. And if it influences you, you definitely bring some change in your life. Now this change depends upon the influence made by the writer. Just as you, there are other people who share their thoughts with the same writer. Just like you they also get connected with this bond. Basically saying there develops a connection among the readers too. Again, different people meet each other. I’m sure you might have got connected to other readers too. And sometimes they even become a part of you life, a friend,  a guide whomever may be. To quote it, ”you meet those whom you are meant to meet ”.

Theres this beauty in this bond which makes people share their thoughts with each other thereby influencing in some way or the other. This beauty can be seen by only those who have experienced it. So if you see it,  just be thankful to all the people you have met and got connected to. And keep connecting……


60 thoughts on “The writer-reader bond

  1. Could not agree more. There are times that we are reading but doesn’t know what we are reading, or we are reading but our minds are thinking different things. This is a good read and a real bond with writers and readers. You really brought me to the present lol, because most of the time my brain will just wander off while I am reading something, especially when I got an idea in what I am reading my mind will just left me and wander to that idea i just read.

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  2. It’s really a amazing post .Yes,I agree with you .A Writer is also a reader .They have a inseparable and unique bond in-between bcoz when we write story or a poem we imagine it,revise,picturise it in mind .As a reader we do same .

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    1. Exactly what my point is. A writer not only writes, but also gives life to the words which are lived by a reader while reading. A reader can exactly relate to what a writer is trying to convey. And thats exactly what i wanted to bring out to everyone. Thanks for taking yua tym to go through it and sharing yua views.😘😘


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