This dramatic life!

Have you ever wondered how your life would have been if you were born in some other place to some other parents? I am sure, at some point of your life you might have wondered or rather imagined how things would have been different from what it is right now. I mean, anyone would love to have a better, much comfortable and a less problematic life. Won’t you? Exactly. You will too.

Just Look around you. So many people living their lives, just going on doing what they have been doing ever since all along. Don’t you think they might have also thought about the exact same things you do. Well, welcome aboard. You are one amongst all now. Nobody would deny a chance if they were offered a life they always dreamt of. Now my question is, what better life would you like to have? What do you exactly want to be different than as of now. Love, care, money, fame, peace and the list goes on. These are some of the common things that everybody wants. Would you disagree? You can, if you wish for something else.

Let’s analyse for a moment, why people wish for a different life. Probably because they don’t like the life they live right? As simple as that. Now everyone will have their own issues, their own things going on which makes ’em feel vulnerable and so broken that they simply wish for a different life. ”If my life would have been like this, I would be standing there today”- A common thought shared by most of the people around us. Did you ever had it too? 

Honestly speaking, I like to keep myself away from this thought. Why? Coz I’m done thinking this way. I like to see this life as a big stage where an epic drama is being taking place each moment. And in this dramatic life, everything is connected to something or the other in a way. Let it be the people you have in your life, the ones you love, care for and think of when you miss ’em or be it the places you go to or will, in the dominant future, or, the ones you already live in. All these things comprises of this one big stage. You may wonder what makes this life so dramatic? Just look around. The way people get attached to other people, to other materialistic things which were never theirs to be claimed for, the mutual feelings shared, or the other bullshits we would never want to happen taking place. Don’t you see it. Every fucking thing is just as properly and perfectly scripted as an epic drama. Sometimes, the timings are just as perfect as it could be or they are just totally not right. But there’s a reason why those timings are not as you wished it to be. It’s scripted that way so some other things could take place in the dominant future. 

When I see people around me, I see different characters of this epic dramatic life of mine. Some play a lead role, some make it short but worthy of being remembered. And I believe, it’s the same way for them too as I am a character in theirs. Sometimes, characters influence us in a way nothing else could ever do. It happens often. This influence becomes the very reason for you becoming the person you are now. All the experiences, all the things learned from these characters shapes you. They are not some fictional characters, they are actual living people meant to cross your paths and make things happen as according to the script of your life.

Remember, you also play an important lead role in someone’s life or you will if you haven’t. And even the short span of time you were in some others life you have done your part. Things manifest accordingly. Imagine how their life would be if all of a sudden you were erased from it. Or rather imagine yours if those lead characters or the others were erased from your life. You would have never become the person you are today. I hope you are getting my point. We are where we are supposed to be. Nothing more, nothing less. So,  instead of complaining about the things one misses in his life, he should be greatful for all the things and people who are already there for him. In this never ending dramatically scripted life, we are all simple characters playing their roles and thereby manifesting the reality we live in. So, if you were born in some other place, to some other parents, may be you would have never met any of the present characters. Be thankful for the ones you have and for those who are yet to come. See your life the way it is and you make it a better one. One which you never wish to go away from….


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