Lil’ green leave.

Ohh lil green leave,

Yua soo mistaken in this world.

Even though we share the same creator,

People always make yu feel whirled.

Yu once were a sacred herb

To those who knew yua worth.

But now, yu have become a faded curb

Though yu always wished to awaken the earth.

There are those who judge you, grudge you,

Make you look like a menace to the world.

Then there are some who think of you,

And see you as the Venice of this realm uncurled.

You make me realise the beauty of my life

Which otherwise, would have taken a good wife.

And that’s too long to wait,

But you, you gave it to me straight.

There is a beauty in every part of yua golden hue

That can be seen by none, but only a few.

I feel sad for those who mistake you,

It’s their loss who forsake you….

Know one thing my lil greenie,

I’ll always be thankful to that layer creamy.

Now take me to the greatest high in this night sky

And give me those wings so I can always fly!!!


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