What is life without You? 

How often do we think about the things we’ve lost? Things we will never see again. Not only that, there are times when we get deep down into something that is just some another thing, nothing greater than that. We humans have a tendancy to fantasize the problems that MAY happen, for whatever reasons. But, what we fail to realise is that they are just mere possibilities in this world of endless ones. Sometimes that sucks, coz nobody likes to go through difficult times, time that will test them to their limits. The time when everything seems to be falling apart.

Whatever things happen around us, to us, they are all meant to happen. Sometimes the timing is just impeccable while at other times, it could not be more worse. This whole known universe works on these timings. A big question to wonder right? How precisely everything takes its course when the time comes. All those things that affects us in some way or the other, they are all just bits and pieces of something greater or rather bigger than anyone would ever expect. Things happen sometimes. Things that one would never expect to take place. But then again, shit happens in so many other ways. We have to go through it, no matter what.

Sometimes people fail to understand what you really are. They see things from their perspective, from their point of view which they feel right. But is that right actually correct? That is not who you are. You are something else for those who know your worth, for those who connect to you. Everybody has to go through a time when he feels like there is nothing more left for him to live for as he has done his part. But that’s not it. People need to realise that when they give up on themselves they are simply questioning the sanity of their soul. It is destined to bring out the real you. Then why question yourself? What’s the point?

Just wondering!

I wonder what would have I done in this messy world without you my lil greenie. I know this time is teaching me something. Everytime it does in a way I would never expect. Sometimes, things are the way they are. Acceptance is the only key. It is you that reveal me to myself. You help me see things the way it is even though people fail to. Life would have been a messy chaos without you. A part of you that once touched my soul showed me a glimpse of what life is. The real meaning of living life and seeing things for as it is. It is you that make me wonder what a wonderful world it is. It is you that showed me the real beauty of my life, made me reach my true self. For that, I’ll always be thankful to you.

Beauty is obscene!

Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today…… What would they do without you, what would I do. What is Life without you?


10 thoughts on “What is life without You? 

  1. Genuinely interested.. what’s your little greenie?? Nice to know u have something that has allowed u to feel like life is worth living, I’m struggling ATM and in need of something that comforts/reassures etc..

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