Thy Self

I remember. once a person said to me, ‘wherever you are today its all because of the things you did yesterday. Where you want to be tomorrow will be decided by what you do today’. This one thing struck me back then but I had no idea what it would do to me. This particular idea struck really deep in my mind. I never thought that I will do something that will bring out a difference that would matter. All of this happened a while ago. Maybe five or six years back. Back then I was just a normal teen living my life having no clue of the things I would be doing or rather I’d be willing to do.

Today, wherever I am, whatever things I’ve done or have been doing , at the end of the day I would sleep with a satisfaction that I did something today that will make some difference. It’s something that inspires to make the next day a better one. It helps me to think of all the things happening around from a higher perspective which I believe is the key for bringing out the difference you want to bring.

You never ever even imagine to be someone who you are today. Now, you may be wondering what is this big thing I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is the actual discovery of the true self that resides within. The real me that I am, that I can become. The you, you are, can become. The kind of life you would like to live. The realisation of where you stand in this whole wide universe. The true potential that resides in the knowledge of the self. I’m talking about all those things you could do with your potential that would define the kind of person you are in this small world of ours. It’s not a small thing. Trust me guys, discovering one’s true self is one of the biggest achievements of his life. It’s only by means of self realisation one can truly attain his greatest of the desires.

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As they say,

Life is all about the journey, not the destination.

So, cease your journey, you will eventually reach where you are supposed to.

My journey- The journey that began with my first breath, the things I learned since then, the experiences I had with everything and everyone around me, It all played a part in discovering thy self. As curious as i ever could be, it was the urge to learn more about this life that helped me to realise my own uniqueness. It got me in touch with the Earth and made me give thanks for what life is worth. There are so many things happening around us but we never know. There never nothing happening. When you realise that one secret, then you experience how it feels to be in the present moment.  I’m just thankful to my creator, this universe, for showing my higher self and making me realise so many things that people often fail to in their so called ‘busy life’.


I agree everybody has a different story to tell about their life. Everyone has their own perspective of looking at things, their own beliefs and disbelief. But one thing common to all of us is the desire to be someone that everybody including yourself will be proud of. No matter what your character is, what your attitude is or whatever things you may have in your mind, that one desire always remains. And when the time comes and you chose your path of awakening your conscious and you discover the very own purpose of your existence, you will realise that you are no different than me or anyone else in this entire world. After all, we are all the creation of the same creator. We are all made up of the same stardust that has made up our entire world.


 It’s only a matter of time we take to discover our true self in this endless space. Take your time, but make sure that someday you do realise why you were created. You are also a unique creation just like others. You just have to search within for it. And when you have finally found it, what you do with it will decide who you become.

Discover thy self and become YOU!!


11 thoughts on “Thy Self

  1. Motivational. Thank you for sharing this post. We seem to believe that it’s always the destination’s that was important or other forces that compels us to be stagnant. But the truth of the matter is that it’s ourself we need to conquer in this long journey.

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