Today is not what yesterday was and tomorrow won’t be what today is.

We are all living in this world as one. But, it takes one to understand and realise what oneness is? What is it like to be one with the whole? How is your yesterday, today and tomorrow created? All the answers you’ve been searching for resides well within your reach. You don’t need to search for anything anywhere. For all that you want is within you.

I am just another lost soul in this infinite universe, discovering, exploring and understanding the deepest roots of this existence. In this journey of never ending learnings and understandings of the long lost knowledge, I walk along with all of you who dare to be the real you.

Every journey has its own meaning, the one which we have to uncover. And every journey leads to some destination. But, more than where you reach, matters what you learn.

Cheers to all the experiences you gather along the way…

Lets gather along!!!


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