A need to escape reality

We often get lost in the experiences that shaped us and made us who we are at this moment. So, we accept whats happening in the present moment as the actual happenings around us. Simply stating, the reality what we perceive is true to self, but it is difficult to make people understand about it. How often have you thought about something and felt like no-one could understand that. We all do that. Everyone lives in their own reality filled with different worlds within themselves. It’s all in the details of everything happening around that shapes and creates the reality for you and people surrounding you. It’s actually the way everything happening around, changing the courses of actions affecting each person in a different way. Everyone has a different individuality, a different perspective to look upon things. That itself explains the different worlds within everyone.

I understand how difficult it is to come out of the common beliefs that shapes the reality and everything and everyone we know of in a manner everything seems similar to everyone. Tricky though, but it is considered as the reality my friend.

The fuckin reality!!!

Most of the people don’t even bother to even think of it as how it all everything actually is. But see, thats the problem. The people, those perceiving the reality about what they see in front of ’em as a mere reflection of the past moments that led to that particular present moment understand the possibility of creating a whole another alternative reality. Well, that’s some serious business we are talking about. It requires clarity to see things the way they are.

Reality is the bitch that makes everything and everyone exist. It simply gives the answer for the reason why everything exist. Everything feels real to us so we conclude that it exists. But, is it really so? Not everyone thinks alike. It’s all what you believe in. And if you believe that everything happening around you is just what’s supposed to be happening for whatever reason, this is not what you want. When you realise that you are just going with the flow just living and existing and doing nothing more than that, you will feel it too. The feeling, the urge of escaping all known things and entering into the world of complete unknown. It becomes a need for those who realise the existence of human mind past the physical realm. The need to escape reality.

You need to ask something to yourself. What is the point of just existing here when you can do a whole lot of things which you yourself are not aware of. The reason why you are not aware of all these things is probably because of your attachment to everything around you. People tend to get attched too much to certain things or certain people. But, too much of anything is a distraction. It makes people see what it wants them to see, not exactly how they should be seeing thing. It just causes an imbalance in the cycle of your life.

You know the most important fact that we avoid being present in the reality or the ‘so-called’ reality is that each and every person including you have an individuality of your own and you don’t exist here for no reason, you have a reason to exist. Now it’s up to you to find out what it is and live up to it. Keep everything around you in balance so that you see things the way it should be seen. Do things that your future you will be thankful for. It’s never too late to change your reality. And if yua not happy the way everything’s going, change it. Change is a must. Accept the change and live in a world built by you for yourself.

Well, it all sounds really simple to read. But the reality check knocks when you take the first step and decide about the change you wanna bring in. Now it will lead to many question and confusions at the beginning, but if you know that in you heart, it is what you need to do. And then, the odds don’t even matter. You take action, you take control over things then you wont have anyone to answer to for where you go. It’s just you, your silence and a never ending path to explore.

Make it happen my friend. It’s the sole reason for your existence. Not everyone needs to escape the reality. But, there is a need to do what needs to be done to bring in the change you desire. And that can be done by none other than yourself. So what do you say ?  Are you up to it ?


A walk in the woods

Sometimes, things happening in life can often seem difficult. Difficult to understand, interpret, and realise.  These things will leave us clueless and lost. Well, you’ve been through it. We all have at some point in our lives. We have seen how certain things change everything. Sometimes, the situations, the time changes us all. Maybe its all for the greater good. But, the moment we go through all of ’em, we realize that something important, something once close to heart is being left behind. Though we may not like that idea of leaving behind the things we love, people we care about, time will take its course no matter what. Things will change. You may like it, you may not. But, at that moment it is what it is and its all you have. 

Everything that changed, all the people in your life, your situations and every other thing will start making sense once you start to see them the way they are. It doesn’t matter if it brings you any good o not, whether it will make yya life a better one o not. All that matters is you are going through it. And the way you go through it will determine the next course of actions and happenings in yua life. We are all in motion to the ocean, just going with the flow. No particular direction, no particular destination, just going with it. No one can tel you where yua journey ends. 

Once we learn to see life the way it is, we learn to accept things.  And once we learn to accept,  we understand what is it that we have and what is that we need. Everything starts making sense. All we need to do is just learn and keep learning from life. It is the best teacher one can ever have. No matter how complicated the situation becomes, how difficult time gets, just hang in there. Just Breathe. Try to see things from a different perspective. Let yourself b tested to your limits. Let life push it beyond your imagination. You just hang in there for a bit longer. Longer than you did the previous time. 

There will come a moment when you feel vulnerable to a situation . You’ll feel broken, lost and you’ll even miss the person you once were. But know one thing, you can never be the same person all the time. You will change, you will go through time that you never even imagined and you will grow through all of these. You have to. 

Sometimes, all we need to carry on with time is just a moment of realisation. One moment that makes you realize your own existence in this world. A moment that reveals yu to yuaself. For me, it was just a long walk into the woods a few days back. 

Search for that one moment of yours and see the difference it brings out. You’ll be amazed by the way you start looking at things. At the end, its all about the perspecrive you have towards yua life. If you don’t like something change it. It may take a while, but yu will be the one in control. Start looking at things differently. You will realize that its not at all as difficult as you make it. Change the way you look at things and things will change the way you want them to… 

What is life without You? 

How often do we think about the things we’ve lost? Things we will never see again. Not only that, there are times when we get deep down into something that is just some another thing, nothing greater than that. We humans have a tendancy to fantasize the problems that MAY happen, for whatever reasons. But, what we fail to realise is that they are just mere possibilities in this world of endless ones. Sometimes that sucks, coz nobody likes to go through difficult times, time that will test them to their limits. The time when everything seems to be falling apart.

Whatever things happen around us, to us, they are all meant to happen. Sometimes the timing is just impeccable while at other times, it could not be more worse. This whole known universe works on these timings. A big question to wonder right? How precisely everything takes its course when the time comes. All those things that affects us in some way or the other, they are all just bits and pieces of something greater or rather bigger than anyone would ever expect. Things happen sometimes. Things that one would never expect to take place. But then again, shit happens in so many other ways. We have to go through it, no matter what.

Sometimes people fail to understand what you really are. They see things from their perspective, from their point of view which they feel right. But is that right actually correct? That is not who you are. You are something else for those who know your worth, for those who connect to you. Everybody has to go through a time when he feels like there is nothing more left for him to live for as he has done his part. But that’s not it. People need to realise that when they give up on themselves they are simply questioning the sanity of their soul. It is destined to bring out the real you. Then why question yourself? What’s the point?

Just wondering!

I wonder what would have I done in this messy world without you my lil greenie. I know this time is teaching me something. Everytime it does in a way I would never expect. Sometimes, things are the way they are. Acceptance is the only key. It is you that reveal me to myself. You help me see things the way it is even though people fail to. Life would have been a messy chaos without you. A part of you that once touched my soul showed me a glimpse of what life is. The real meaning of living life and seeing things for as it is. It is you that make me wonder what a wonderful world it is. It is you that showed me the real beauty of my life, made me reach my true self. For that, I’ll always be thankful to you.

Beauty is obscene!

Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today…… What would they do without you, what would I do. What is Life without you?

The Journey of the mind   -continues

Well, its been tough lately. Theres this struggle going on between my mind and soul that is itching me to my depths. It is really frustrating when you feel like theres nothing you could do to just be in the present moment instead of wandering in some other time. All this time, I’ve been working on my own mind just to see what or where does it want me to be. But, it didn’t go as expected. Nothing good came of it. The only thing I needed was a calm and peaceful mind where my thoughts would no longer bother me.
Only me, my breath and my heartbeat.
Such deepness, such loneliness and me… Only me. Me believing in my own existence.

But, no….
I’m so caught up in the middle of this struggle, this dispute between my soul, my heart and my fucking mind. It always leave me confused and irritated. I think this is the sole reason for my insomnia. I remember all those sleepless nights, crawling on the bed, trying to get a good deep sleep that’s long lost. Every time I try, I fail myself. Why? Coz of my thoughts going in multiple directions, heart responding to it and above all, those philosophical lectures coming from deep inside of me, all these things have now become an everyday story. And what happens at the end of the story? Nothing special. I just wait. A longing wait, listening to that tick tick, counting them to just drift off from everything.

I’ve always believed in one thing. Wherever you are today, you are meant to be here for various unknown reasons. Now, you may not understand or realise or notice that, but you are where you are supposed to be. This one belief has kept me going in spite of all the other bullshits happening in my life. But, there are those nights when I question this belief of mine. Am I really supposed to be here, in this dramatic life where I don’t feel any earthly emotions to anything at all. Waking up each day thinking of what to do now, a never answered question, my day just goes on.

Maybe my life has got fucked up due to certain things. Or maybe I am just not able to live my life the way I want to. Maybe I’m going crazy day by day. In between all these maybes, the one thing that is still holding me is the voice coming from deep inside, which says that ‘I need to have a bit more patience. Everything will start making sense.’ I really don’t know what to say in reply to it.

Maybe I should just wait. Wait till I fall asleep, wait till my mind and heart align together. Something tells me that it’s going to be a longing wait. But, this shall pass too. Having this one belief, I dare to face ever thing as life goes on….

Lil’ green leave.

Ohh lil green leave,

Yua soo mistaken in this world.

Even though we share the same creator,

People always make yu feel whirled.

Yu once were a sacred herb

To those who knew yua worth.

But now, yu have become a faded curb

Though yu always wished to awaken the earth.

There are those who judge you, grudge you,

Make you look like a menace to the world.

Then there are some who think of you,

And see you as the Venice of this realm uncurled.

You make me realise the beauty of my life

Which otherwise, would have taken a good wife.

And that’s too long to wait,

But you, you gave it to me straight.

There is a beauty in every part of yua golden hue

That can be seen by none, but only a few.

I feel sad for those who mistake you,

It’s their loss who forsake you….

Know one thing my lil greenie,

I’ll always be thankful to that layer creamy.

Now take me to the greatest high in this night sky

And give me those wings so I can always fly!!!

The Journey of the mind    -begins

Where do all these thoughts come from? What makes us think? Is it the brain or is there something else that drives the thoughts into your mind? I wonder what it is actually. I wonder coz I am not able to control and direct my thoughts. Can you imagine yourself in a situation where you are constantly being pushed by hundreds of people in a crowd that is continuously moving and you are going along with them even though you don’t want to go there? That is what these thoughts are doing to me. Why? I have no idea.

Sometimes they just want me to wander off someplace, taking me to this deep dark space where I can see nothing, not even myself. It’s like I’ve got lost in this darkness forever. This one feeling of never getting back to the reality scares the shit out of me. But then again, everything changes. Thoughts shuffle… But, only after making me so vulnerable to this darkness, that I don’t even recognize myself. This makes me question my own existence, coz I’m not the only one in this deep dark space. I got people to accompany me, strangers all along the way. But, nobody knows that I’m also there. I guess everyone’s lost in there too. How can they find me if they can’t even find themselves.

Sometimes, all the pain and sufferings of my past chain me with these emotions that I don’t want to feel anymore. Why? All coz of those stupid fucking thoughts from the past that I want to forget. But no. They will keep haunting me even though I don’t want them to. I question myself. Why in the hell do I get these thoughts. My heart answers, ”you buried all of ’em soo damn deep that it has became a part of me and I can’t keep it from you”. I wish if I had just let it go instead of burying ’em. What’s the point in sobbing now? Well that’s not it.

There are those times when a ghost named future starts haunting me. All those thoughts of ifs and buts getting on my nerves, making me anxious, raising my beats, leaving me clueless. Why do I always get lost in such stupid thoughts? My heart had no answers for me. I guess it just don’t want to answer me. Is there even a reason for me to waste my time on such stupid thoughts. This time, it just won’t pass. No matter how hard i try to get away from it, it just keeps following me like a loyal fucking dog. Just go away. Give me some space to breathe in the calmness sometimes.

Sometimes, I get so lost in some random thoughts that don’t even add up or make sense to me. I mean, why in the hell do I even think of escaping my mind when i know that it’s never gonna leave me alone. Just stucked in this time, lost in this packed space of darkness, having no clue of what the next thought will bring in or where it will take me, I’m staring at my own reflection now. At least I can see myself now. At least my thoughts didn’t threw me away in that darkness again. But who knows, those bitches can just come and drop me down again.

Will I ever be able to get my shit back together, or these thoughts will keep haunting me like they always do? Who knows. But it’s not the end. And that I know.

This dramatic life!

Have you ever wondered how your life would have been if you were born in some other place to some other parents? I am sure, at some point of your life you might have wondered or rather imagined how things would have been different from what it is right now. I mean, anyone would love to have a better, much comfortable and a less problematic life. Won’t you? Exactly. You will too.

Just Look around you. So many people living their lives, just going on doing what they have been doing ever since all along. Don’t you think they might have also thought about the exact same things you do. Well, welcome aboard. You are one amongst all now. Nobody would deny a chance if they were offered a life they always dreamt of. Now my question is, what better life would you like to have? What do you exactly want to be different than as of now. Love, care, money, fame, peace and the list goes on. These are some of the common things that everybody wants. Would you disagree? You can, if you wish for something else.

Let’s analyse for a moment, why people wish for a different life. Probably because they don’t like the life they live right? As simple as that. Now everyone will have their own issues, their own things going on which makes ’em feel vulnerable and so broken that they simply wish for a different life. ”If my life would have been like this, I would be standing there today”- A common thought shared by most of the people around us. Did you ever had it too? 

Honestly speaking, I like to keep myself away from this thought. Why? Coz I’m done thinking this way. I like to see this life as a big stage where an epic drama is being taking place each moment. And in this dramatic life, everything is connected to something or the other in a way. Let it be the people you have in your life, the ones you love, care for and think of when you miss ’em or be it the places you go to or will, in the dominant future, or, the ones you already live in. All these things comprises of this one big stage. You may wonder what makes this life so dramatic? Just look around. The way people get attached to other people, to other materialistic things which were never theirs to be claimed for, the mutual feelings shared, or the other bullshits we would never want to happen taking place. Don’t you see it. Every fucking thing is just as properly and perfectly scripted as an epic drama. Sometimes, the timings are just as perfect as it could be or they are just totally not right. But there’s a reason why those timings are not as you wished it to be. It’s scripted that way so some other things could take place in the dominant future. 

When I see people around me, I see different characters of this epic dramatic life of mine. Some play a lead role, some make it short but worthy of being remembered. And I believe, it’s the same way for them too as I am a character in theirs. Sometimes, characters influence us in a way nothing else could ever do. It happens often. This influence becomes the very reason for you becoming the person you are now. All the experiences, all the things learned from these characters shapes you. They are not some fictional characters, they are actual living people meant to cross your paths and make things happen as according to the script of your life.

Remember, you also play an important lead role in someone’s life or you will if you haven’t. And even the short span of time you were in some others life you have done your part. Things manifest accordingly. Imagine how their life would be if all of a sudden you were erased from it. Or rather imagine yours if those lead characters or the others were erased from your life. You would have never become the person you are today. I hope you are getting my point. We are where we are supposed to be. Nothing more, nothing less. So,  instead of complaining about the things one misses in his life, he should be greatful for all the things and people who are already there for him. In this never ending dramatically scripted life, we are all simple characters playing their roles and thereby manifesting the reality we live in. So, if you were born in some other place, to some other parents, may be you would have never met any of the present characters. Be thankful for the ones you have and for those who are yet to come. See your life the way it is and you make it a better one. One which you never wish to go away from….