Dilemmas of mind…

We are all living in this external reality where we just do our daily things and think of it as we are living our life everyday. But you need to question yourself. Are you really living your life? Do you feel present every moment? Are you able to enjoy all the little things happening around you. Let it be the warm sun touching your face in a cold winter or the smell of pure air that you breathe in or the cold breeze swooshing through your face. Let it be any small thing that goes unnoticed while you think of all the other things happening in your life. Of course I’m not saying that the things happening in your life are of less importance. Everything has its own importance depending on the perspective of a person. It all depends on how a person sees a particular thing. Let it be.

Let’s talk about you now. I am sure you might be having problems of your own to be sorted out, situations to be handled and feelings to be shared. We all have those. It’s a never ending part of life. I want you to think of all those moments when you felt helpless, tired, stucked at some place not being able to move forward from your own things. The time when you even questioned why should you even care to live like this. I know its difficult to go through all of them again as you probably don’t even want to think of ’em. But I suggest you do, and let’s analyse it once and for all.

All of us have been created equally. No one has any special powers. The only thing that makes each and every one of us special is our mind. The most powerful tool given by the creator to determine the uniqueness of a person. Of course everyone is unique in some or other sense. But the one thing common to everyone is the mind. Now, every mind generates numerous amount of different thoughts at the same time. And the thoughts manifest into the reality. To put it in simple words, all the things you think happened or is happening to you are all simple manifestations of your own thoughts. For example, let’s say, when you think about what others will think, you are generating thoughts that have a possibility of happening. The others you are prefering are totally unaware of these thoughts. But you my friend, you are considering the possibilities and going in depth in it. At the end it is just a mere possibility like everything else. So why would you want to create some thing that you don’t want to happen? Instead, you can go for the things you really want to manifest. The more thoughts you generate on a particular possibility, the more chances of manifesting it. So, choose your thoughts wisely.

Lemme tell you what these thoughts do to you. People have different opinion regarding the connection between the mind and your heart. I believe that everything is connected with one energy and that energy is your soul. A feeling cannot be generated in your heart unless until a thought has been created in your mind. Feelings generate as thoughts manifest. Once the feelings have been generated it’s really difficult to control them by your own. Basically speaking, all your feelings and emotions are controlled by your soul itself. The only thing that’s in your control is your mind and your thoughts. Nobody wants to live a life full of mysery, sadness, pain or lonliness or call it whatever you are feeling right now. People are always busy blaming others for the way they feel. But remember, it’s not these people who generated the feelings in you. You did it by yourself. So what’s the point in blaming others for it.

All these feelings in your heart roots up from the dilemmas of your mind. I like to call ’em dilemmas because most of the time, we get caught in between our own thoughts making it difficult for us to choose and thereby leading to unnecessary feelings in our heart. Feelings that has the potential to change a person internally. A person once changed can never be the same again unless he gets in control of it. Now that you know how things actually take place in your life, you can be the one on the driving seat by choosing your thoughts wisely. Instead of letting things happen to you, you decide what you want to happen so that you don’t have to go through all that you have already been through.

I hope you find this post useful and worthy of implying it in your lives to make some difference in it. We all go through the same shit everyday with no change. I mean, are we ever going to be better than this?


The writer-reader bond

The name sounds cool right. It is. And the things we can understand from this are much cooler.  I’d like to dedicate this one to all the readers and my fellow bloggers. 

    Who is a writer? Who is a reader? 

 A writer is a thinker. Someone who has to think about soo many thoughts that pass by his/her mind. Trust me guys, It’s not really easy to choose one thought from those many to write. You might agree with me if you are a writer too. This one thought has to be most perfect to be conveyed so that the person who reads it gets the exact same idea what the writer is trying to convey. And when that one thought merges with the thinking process of a reader, he starts imagining about the writer’s ideas. And a good idea never takes time to influence someone.  Am I getting too deep? I’ve not even started going deep. 

Those who have read my previous posts might have the idea of how to be in the present moment. Well I’ll remind you. Often times we become so busy in doing things we don’t realise that we are not at all living the moment. How can we be living if we are not at all being there. So, how to be there is the question. 

Every time you realise that you are getting stucked somewhere, become aware of it. Just observe your brain. Step outside yourself and just observe the crazy shit you’re thinking about. Don’t judge. Don’t think you’re stupid. If you do that, you’re thinking again. You just have to ask yourself what are you doing? As simple as that. You ask this question and your mind will automatically tell you about the exact things you are doing in that moment. And you can be there. So what are you doing now? Yeah right, you looking at these letters, you are reading these words which make up to a sentence which you happen to understand. And now that you understand these things, you realise that a reader is actually thinking about something he never thought. Why?  Because the writer made him think about ’em. 

Now why would I want to speak about this writer-reader bond. What’s in it.  Well, think about what you were doing before reading this. All the stuffs you had to do till you came here to read this. And now you as are reading it you are living this moment. Now weather you being here knowingly or unknowingly that depends on you. Do you feel that you are being present in this moment. Great. Now you understand what this bond is. And what does this bond do?  It makes two people share their point of views,  perspectives and their imaginations too.  Isn’t that a great thing. It’s amazing how people share their thoughts and develop that bond that friendship that writer-reader connection. 

Think if you,yourself as a reader gets connected to a writer in some strange ways that you get to understand a writers perspective and his thinking. And if it influences you, you definitely bring some change in your life. Now this change depends upon the influence made by the writer. Just as you, there are other people who share their thoughts with the same writer. Just like you they also get connected with this bond. Basically saying there develops a connection among the readers too. Again, different people meet each other. I’m sure you might have got connected to other readers too. And sometimes they even become a part of you life, a friend,  a guide whomever may be. To quote it, ”you meet those whom you are meant to meet ”.

Theres this beauty in this bond which makes people share their thoughts with each other thereby influencing in some way or the other. This beauty can be seen by only those who have experienced it. So if you see it,  just be thankful to all the people you have met and got connected to. And keep connecting……

Time flies!

She brought me here in this world

after a long struggle and agonizing pain,

Opened my eyes to the world

but it felt like i’m shackled with chain.

Tried to move around,

shaked my arms and legs,

But no one would put me on ground

so as to keep me safe and sound.

Years started passing by

life started moving along.

People mattered,  things mattered

but still couldn’t find an answer for why.

Always wandering in some other world

thinking about the purpose of this life

Asking the same question over, why? 

why do I have to live this life?

Then again, life happened.

people who mattered were not around.

Things started to feel different

making me realise that life is not consistent.

Decades passed by now.

after all the lessons, all the teachings

Life still remains a mystery thou. 

Everything changed,  accept for one!

something that can’t be compared to none. 

Repeating itself every day,

never altered,  never changed, 

it seems to be perfectly arranged.

Time just happen to stay.

Now when I think of everything

it seems like it happened yesterday.

Like everything was just flying,

flying somewhere, to be realised someday. 

All I do now is just look up above

See the stars in the wide skies

And i wonder how time flies….

You think you are thinking. But are you ??

What would you say if i say i know something about you without knowing you. Would you believe me?

I bet you spend A LOT of time in your head. You know, thinking, worrying, stressing, freaking out — call it whatever you want. I call it a preoccupied mind. And with what? 99% of your thoughts are useless. William James put it best: “A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”

All my life I’ve been obsessed with practical things. Practical philosophy, practical knowledge, practical books, practical work, and practical things.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

As per Pragmatism, that the mind is a tool. Your mind should work for you, not against you. People who don’t master their mind, don’t believe it’s possible.

They say: “I can’t help but thinking these things.” Well, you can with enough practice. It’s a skill. In other words: You have the ability to decide what you think. Or, you can choose NOT to think. And that is one of the most important and most practical things you can learn in life. Before I learned that skill, I would spend hours and hours inside my head.

Just think about how much you think.

“I wonder what my boss thinks?” “What happens if I screw up and lose my job?” “Does she love me?” “I think he doesn’t care about me.” “I just keep failing.” “Why does my life suck?” “Why is my life awesome, and other people’s lives are not?” “I don’t care about my job. Is there something wrong with me?” “I can’t finish anything. What’s wrong with me?”And the list goes on. That is all REAL shit. That’s stuff people tell me when I ask them what they worry about.

You know what those thoughts do to you? Guilt, anger, suffering. I just have one question for you: What’s the practical use of your thoughts?

Yes? I’m waiting. Still no answer? Exactly.Thoughts have no use. 99% of them that is. Which thoughts are useful?

Thinking about how you can solve problems. A problem is just an unanswered question. Put your brain to use and think about how you can solve problems. There are a lot of those on this earth.

Understanding knowledge. That mean this: Try to internalize knowledge and think about how you can use that knowledge to improve your life, career, work, relationships, etc.

That’s it. You can ignore every other thought.If you’re constantly thinking, it’s because you haven’t’ trained your mind yet. You HAVE to get out of your head.If not, you go mental. Everyone will. No exception. Also, you’re probably thinking so much that you’re missing out of life. Did you notice the sunshine this morning when you woke up? Or the raindrops? Did you notice the beauty that your eyes can see when the new day begins? Did you feel all the energy you arebconnecting to? If your answer is no, you definitely need to get out of your head. Stop thinking and start feeling.

Now, you might think: “How do I train myself to stop thinking useless thoughts?”


That’s where it starts. Every time you start drifting off, become aware of it. Just observe your brain. Step outside yourself and just observe the crazy shit you’re thinking about. Don’t judge. Don’t think you’re stupid. If you do that, you’re thinking again. If you can change your mind, you can change your life.

Do you feel your eyes reading the letters on your screen? Do you feel your phone in your hand? Are you thinking about how you’re going to apply this information to your life?

Great. You’re USING your mind, and it’s not the other way around. Now, keep using that brain of yours. Because I’ll tell you this: It’s the most powerful tool on earth.

I am just so greatful to the person who made me understand all these things and which i thought should be shared with all of you so that we can apply it to our lives. Do share your views if you like it. Cheers!

Are we right about God?

Hey guys. Well, I know its been a while since the last post and I’d like to bring in another new one this time. Hope you find it worth reading. Cheers!

What do you think about God? And why do we need God? That’s a couple of question I’d like to ask you first off. Well I’m sure all of you will definitely have your own opinion regarding god or at least the concept of God. Some might say that god is the Supreme most power known to human beings in this world. Something that can explain everything that came out of nothing.  Of course everyone will have their own point of views and their own beliefs. We all have at some point believed or have had faith in god. That one belief we have that everything will become alright, all our difficulties will overcome, all the problems will be solved and everything will align itself properly and will work accordingly. So the ultimate conclusion that we have is we all believe in god and we think that god has all the answers for everything. But I would like to ask, I would like a challenge if that’s true. Is God really the ultimate creator of this universe? Is god the sole reason for everything happening around us or is there something else to be known.

Now, since you have given it a thought, let’s get a bit more deep into it. We are all well aware that miracles and Science they both can never go hand by hand at the same time. If a person believes in God he definitely believes in miracles and if he believes in Science he cannot believe in God because science cannot explain God but miracles can. So which one is it? Is God a miracle or  a form of unknown science. Feel free to have an opinion regarding this question right now because at the end I would like to see whether you change your opinion or if you have any other thoughts regarding this same question or not.

We are all well aware of The Big Bang Theory. How the universe began, how time began and how everything started, all these questions have been answered by the Big Bang Theory . It says that everything including space was created by a huge explosion out of nowhere. Well it is not a practical proof but it is a theory as the name suggests. And it is the best possible theory that explains the answers regarding everything and nothing by far. God didn’t create an explosion. What created it nobody knows. Then how can we say that god is the ultimate creator of this universe. There is no practical proof of it either. I got a question for you. Did God create us or did we created God? Give it a thought. The reason I asked this question is, there will be no god if there is no religion. And who created religions?Well I guess you know the answer. Have you seen any other life form worshiping god. No. Only human does. Humans created religions and religion created God to protect it from every other things and that’s how this relationship between humans and Gods came into existence. 

Our universe is 13.8 billion years old and for all we know our own planet earth is about 4.5 bilion years old. When earth formed it was filled with hot clouds of gases and it took some time of its own to cool itself down and to form the very first life form on the Earth. If we are to measure the birth of the universe in a cosmic year scale till date and every month of an year represents billions of years, we can somewhat understand how everything began. All the things that we know the history, the past of the human race, everything that we are aware of, it all probably took place at the last minutes of the last hour of this cosmic scale. That was the time when Jesus was born, when Buddha was born, when Mohammed was born and all the other Gods from different religions too. So it took about almost 9 billion years for this to happen. And yet people say god is the ultimate creator who created everything including space and time and energy and everything else. 

What happened before Big Bang is still an unknown mystery but what happened after it, that we are now aware of. So it won’t be fair to keep on believing that god is the ultimate creator. Universe has a way of its own in making things work. Everything happens as accordingly. The planets including our earth revolve around the sun in the solar system of our galaxy. And there are billions of other Galaxies present in this whole wide universe. So it might be possible that other Galaxies might have their own Gods too. In our case, whether god is there or not, that is a question you have to answer by yourself. You have to understand what your beliefs are and how it works. 

It’s good to have faith and belief in something that is bigger and far greater than all of us. And that is where God comes into play. Well for me, my faith lies in the universe. Each and every thing in this universe posseses energy. Energy can exist in different forms and all of them act differently. God is an energy too. Let me try to make you understand how God answers to your prayers. When you pray,  you are constantly sending out energy in the form of thoughts in the universe. The more the energy a particular thought posseses the higher the chances of those thoughts to manifest. It’s really interesting to know how everything in this universe works. You are a part of this universe and your presence does make the difference. So basically what you’re doing is you are helping Yourself by manifesting the reality you want to create. That’s why people say that God resides in each and every one of us. God is nothing but a medium of energy that we choose to connect us to the universe. Everything happens for a reason and every reason has a purpose. So if something’s not working out for you the way you want it to, don’t blame God for it. Just give yourself some time. Whatever is happening it is just to make you learn something or the other. And remember, you have chosen it for yourself even before you were born. So if you want your prayers to be answered or your thoughts to be manifested the way you want to, have a positive belief about everything happening to you. See everything from a higher perspective. Keep on sending good positive high frequency vibes into the universe and let universe do the rest and manifest them accordingly. The universe will respond. It always does.

I’d love to hear your comments and know your point of view regarding the post. So feel free to comment on the comment box and share your views too












LOVE- The Universal Force

Love. Its a fascinating word, isn’t it? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been looking for the answer to what love actually is? Why people love? What causes love? So many dope questions for a six year old I guess. Back then I used to think of love as something that allows a male and a female to kiss and hug and express to each other all the time. Can you blame me? I mean no kid would ever think about all these sort of things at that age. I had no clue that my thinking about love was just a mere perspective of a six year old kid, a kid who wants to know everything happening around him. Well I guess I had this sort of curiosity for knowing and learning everything ever since.

Someone has rightly said, ‘With time, comes experiences. And with experiences, comes learnings’. Same happened in my case too. As time passed by I started to learn and understand love from a much broader perspective. People say love is just a feeling, a feeling of caring, selflessness, sacrifice, all in one. But is love only a feeling? You may state that love is a connection, a bond between two people. Really? OK. Let’s say, love is a feeling and a connection. And then what? Is that it? Is there any other way you can describe what love is. Let me help you with that.

I want you to remember that particular moment when you actually realised how it feels when love happened to you, what it is to be in love, how it feels to love someone. Remember all the changes, all the things it made you do. Remember that rush you felt in yourself when it happened. Now, if you have truly experienced the power of love, you would definitely have a picture of that one moment in your mind by now. I’m sure you do have it. Now ask yourself, what was that? How could one feeling or a connection bring in all the changes that it brought in your life? Why you did what you did and why you felt what you felt? And if you really want to get deep into knowing and understanding love, ask yourself another question. What made love happen to you? It’ll probably get much deeper if you could somehow get the answer to that question. It can take you to the infinite possibilities of love in this universe.

A great man once wrote a letter to his daughter explaining what love actually is.

Its written as, There is an extremely powerful force that exists in this universe, which so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all the other forces of nature.
This universal force is LOVE.

When scientists looked for a unified theory of the universe they forgot the most powerful unseen force -Love. They were busy finding everything without realising that everything they want to find is already there. Love is everything that governs every other thing.

The fact is, you can describe love the way you want to but for the universe, Love is light, that enlightens those who give and receive it. Love is gravity, because it makes some people feel attracted to others. Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have, and allows humanity not to be extinguished in their blind selfishness. Love unfolds and reveals the truth. For love we live and die. Love makes us do things we could never even imagine of doing. Love explains everything and gives meaning to life.

Today, we live in a world filled with hatred, selfishness and greed everywhere. It’s time we actually understand what love is. We haven’t thought about love in such a way yet. Maybe we are afraid of love, because it is the only energy in the universe that man has not learned to drive at will. You cannot simply turn on the switch and start loving and turn it off at your will. Can you? Can you control the amount of love you do or feel? You can’t.

Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet. Each and every person, you, me or anyone around, we all carry within us a small but powerful origin of love whose energy is waiting to be released.When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, we will have affirmed that love conquers all, and is able to transcend everything and anything.

The great man I was talking about is no other than Mr. Albert Einstein and the theory of love that he couldn’t explain it to everyone.

This was just a small effort by my side to reach out to those who really want to understand what love actually is. Now as we have understood it, just imagine a world without love. Surely that’s not the one we would like to live in. There is only a thin line between everything and nothing. This thin line is the line of love. If Love is there, everything is there, if Love isn’t there, then nothing is there !

What made me like this?

I remember. once a person said to me, ‘wherever you are today its all because of the things you did yesterday. And where you want to be tomorrow will be decided by what you do today’. This one thing striked me back then but I had no idea what it would do to me.  This particular idea struck really deep in my mind. Even I never thought that I will do something that will bring out a difference that would matter. All of this happened a while ago. Maybe five or six years back. Back then I was just a normal teen living my life having no clue of the things I would be doing or rather I’d be willing to do.

Today, wherever I am,  whatever things I’ve done or have been doing , at the end of the day I would sleep with a satisfaction that I did something today that will make some difference. This one feeling that I get before I sleep, it’s something that inspires me to make the next day a better one. It helps me to think of all the things happening around  from a higher perspective which I believe is the key for bringing out the difference you want to bring.

I was not like this back then. The difference between the 17 yr old me and who I am today, it’s just fascinating . I never ever imagined to be someone like who I am today. Now, you may be wondering what is this big thing I’m talking about. What have I done to brag like this? Frankly speaking, I’m not bragging about anything I’ve done. What I’m talking about is the actual discovery of my true self. The real me that I am, that I can become. The kind of life I would like to live. The realisation of where I stand in this whole wide universe. The true potential that resides in myself. I’m talking about all those things I could do with my potential that would define the kind of person I am in this small world of ours. It’s not a small thing.  Trust me guys, discovering one’s true self is one of the biggest achievements of his life.


As I started experiencing and realising strange things about how everything works in our universe I began wondering what made me realise all these things and allowed me to connect to my true self? This was the question i used to ask myself some eight or nine months ago. As they say, nothing happens before time. It was not yet the moment for me to realise everything. But it did come. That moment of realisation, that one moment which would give me all the answers I’ve been looking for. The answer for how I become who I am. The answer for what made me like this.

To put it in simple words I’d like to quote it… 

 Life is all about the journey, not the destination. So, cease your journey, you will eventually reach where you are supposed to.

The answers for all my questions were there in that one quote. The journey that began some five or six years ago, the things I did during that time, the experiences I had with everything and everyone around me. It all played a part in discovering myself. All the things i did made me explore more about my life. It helped me to realise my own uniqueness. It got me in touch with the Earth, made me give thanks for what life is worth. There are so many things happening around us but we never know. Theres never nothing happening. When you realise that one secret,  when you experience how it feels to be in the present moment and what it is actually to live. I’m just thankful to my creator, this universe for bringing out my higher self and making me realise so many things that people often never think about.

I agree everybody has a different story to tell about their life. Everyone has their own perspective of looking at things, their own beliefs and disbeliefs. But one thing common to all of us is the desire to be someone that everybody including yourself will be proud of. No matter what your character is,  what your attitude is or whatever things you may have in your mind, that one desire always remains. And when the time comes and you chose your path of awakening your conscious and you discover the very own purpose of your existence, you will realise that you are no different than me.

We are all made from the same universe. It’s just the time we take to discover our true self in this endless space. Take your time, but make sure that someday you do realise why you were created. You are also a unique creation just like others. You just have to discover it and explore it.

Explore your life to the fullest!